Dragon Defender

Although dragons are considered the most powerful of all creatures, they are not indestructible, though some may argue otherwise. Most dragons spend their centuries of life engaged in such pursuits as gaining great knowledge, wealth, or magic. This they often do alone without anyone to share their journey, which tends to be to their liking. However, there are those from among the true dragons of the world who purposefully seek out a champion to aid, defend, and accompany them through their lifelong endeavors. It is these champions of the draconic blood, typically chosen from among the humanoid races that heed the summons and are given the honored title of dragon defender. 

Dragon defenders are a secretive group of warriors, spellcasters, and knaves from every land who belong to a loosely structured organization called The Secret Order of Dragon Defenders. Very few outside this Order know of its existence, save those who are close and trusted friends of the dragon defender, or a sworn enemy. Due to the special bond between a dragon and its defender, dragon defenders experience a truly symbiotic relationship with their dragon companions, often sharing their inner most thoughts and dreams. This unique bond provides the defender with a truly remarkable opportunity–to serve as a dragon’s protector and companion, and glean the knowledge of the dragon race that has been kept hidden from the world for ages now past. 

Role: Clad in special armor with the appearance of dragon scales, dragon defenders are often mistaken for their most hated enemy– the dragonslayer. However, this is where their similarities end. A dragon defender is sworn to protect his bonded dragon to the death, while the dragon is likewise sworn to protect its defender. Dragon defenders are also, compelled to aid any dragon in need that is of the same type as his dragon companion, whether it be red, silver, or gold. A dragon defender may also be required to pe