Amulet Prestige

You are trained in the nebulous arts of divination, mind reading, and telling the fortune of those who seek your wisdom. By grasping your amulet, you can delve into the minds and memories of others, seek advice from the netherworld, and divine the purpose of magical artifacts from around the world.

Prestige Skill Focus 

Knowledge (arcana), Knowledge (planes), and Perception.

Prestige Spells

identify (3rd), detect thoughts (6th), harrowing (9th), scrying (12th), telepathic bond (15th), true seeing (18th).

Prestige Tricks

You can choose from the Alertness, Combat Casting, or Skill Focus feats, or the Canny Observer, Esoteric Scholar, Hard to Fool, Obfuscate Story, Steal the Story rogue talents whenever you gain a prestige trick. At 10th level, you add the Rumormonger and Thoughtful Reexamining advanced talents to the list of rogue talents you can choose.