Earth Shaper (Elf, Wizard Archetype)

Most elves possess a natural bond to the world of plants and animals, and the magical energies that flow through them. However, the earth shaper draws power from the stone around him, instead of the foliage and fauna. By using this power, he can bend the earth and stone to his will, shaping it into grand edifices and structures such as bridges, buttresses, and fortresses. He can also use his magic to shatter the very stone beneath his feet, cause it to rise up to protect him, or to crush his foes.Class Features The earth shaper has the following class features. Spellcasting

An earth shaper adds the following spells to his spell list, at the indicated spell levels: 1st–magic stone, mighty fist of the earth; 2nd–binding earth, chill metal, ground swell, heat metal, soften earth and stone; 3rd–meld into stone, see through stone; 4th–rusting grasp, spike stones; 6th–binding earth (mass); 7th–stone tell; 8th–earthquake, repel metal or stone; 9th–elemental swarm (earth only).

Earth Caller

When an earth shaper that casts a summon monster spell summons, he summons the earth type creatures listed on Table: Summon Monster (Alternative) below, instead of the normal creatures.

Table: Summon Monster (Alternatives)