Drakkel (singular drakkin) live just below the surface of regions ruled by dragons. Indeed, drakkel can claim closer kinship to dragons than kobolds, though they aren't as interested in flaunting their draconic superiority and are more focused on managing their internal squabbles.

Physical Description: The red dragon heritage of the drakkel is obvious: a drakkin is a humanoid dragon with red scales and a crown of horns. They also possess draconic wings, though drakkel are typically too bulky and their wings too small for actual flight.

Society: Drakkel live underground, very close to the surface. Their cities and citadels are surprisingly large, often holding hundreds of drakkel families within their walls. Every drakkin is taught from birth a specific racial maxim: So long as there is something in the room, you have a weapon. Thus, they train themselves to use anything as a weapon, and every drakkin is expected to fight in defense of the home. Many invaders have learned too late that even the weakest drakkin farmer's broomstick has an uncanny knack for hitting harder than actual weaponry.

Relations: Drakkel are swift to make friends and slow to lose them, and they get along with a number of underground races. Dwarves tend to bore drakkel, though the stout folk's love of strong drink earns them a space in the dragons' good books. They are somewhat embarassed and flattered by kobolds, who see the larger creatures as living idols of red dragons, though drakkel tend to find the reptilians' culture claustrophobic and restrictive.

Alignment and Religion: Drakkel inherit their red dragon ancestors' free spirits, but not their proclivity for savagery and cruelty. The boisterous and good-natured drakkel are typically chaotic good, though more selfish individuals lean toward chaotic neutral. They tend to worship the same gods as dragons.

Adventurers: Drakkel are easily bored, and love company. Adventuring comes easily to them, and they tend to favor classes that make use of their great strength and draconic charisma. A great number become fighters, surprising every foe they meet with their willingness to use anything as a weapon.

Racial traits (18 RP)

+2 Str, +2 Cha, -2 Wis: Drakkel are brawny and personable, but very headstrong.

Dragon (10 RP): Drakkel are dragons with the fire subtype. Instead of fire immunity, they gain resistance to fire equal to their character level.