Resonant Blade

Your battle prowess has become so keen that you begin to create harmonies with the very movement of your blade. Your enemies quake in the face of the marriage of art and mortality that you’ve come to excel at.

Prerequisites: Ability to use bardic performances, Weapon Focus with a specific melee slashing weapon, BAB +6.

Benefit: You’ve learned to blend the whistling of your blade with your bardic performances, seamlessly transitioning between attacks and harmonizing. During a bardic performance, whenever you take a full-attack action using the melee slashing weapon in which you have Weapon Focus, you can continue the performance for that round without expending a round of your bardic performance ability. For each round in which you use this ability, you gain a cumulative +1 morale bonus (maximum +5) to attack with that weapon and to Intimidate checks against any creatures that can percieve you as long as you continue your performance.

If you are a Resonant Warrior, you also gain the same bonus to damage rolls when using the Resonant Blast or Thundering Blade abilities, as long as you continue your performance.