Raven Domain

This domain is added to the list of Animal domains presented in Ultimate Magic.

Granted Powers: The raven’s considered a bird of ill omen, and a messenger of death. To you, it’s a messenger of rebirth and a source of knowledge.

Familiar: You gain a raven familiar. Your effective wizard level for this ability is equal to your druid level. Your druid level stacks with levels from other classes that grant familiars when determining the powers of your familiar.

Evil Eye (Ex): As a swift action, you can add a bonus equal to 1/2 your druid level (minimum +1) to a melee attack or to a Perception check. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom bonus.

Raven’s Bite (Ex): At 8th level, you can use the sneak attack ability as if you were a rogue of 1/2 your druid level. At 12th and 16th level, you can select a rogue talent (not an advanced talent). Your equivalent rogue level for these talents is equal to 1/2 your druid level.

Domain Spells: 1st–ill omen, 2nd–cacophonous call, 3rd–fly, 4th–blood crow strike, 5th–cacophonous call (mass), 6th–eyebite, 7th–animal shapes (bird only), 8th–prediction of failure, 9th–weird.