Inner Sea Gods Dump


Greaterthanthewarsofarmiesandempires, Mortals and Deities

beyond the ambitions of revolutionaries and

Golarion is a world shaped by the actions of divine beings,

tyrants, more devastating than the fury of

as well as by those who worship these immeasurably

magic or monsters, is the power of faith. Apart but not

powerful beings. Whether they devote their lives to

aloof from the races of Golarion stand a legion of deities:

service or simply offer minor prayers, most people of the

merciful guardians, impassive observers, vile destroyers,

Inner Sea choose a deity as their patron at a young age,

entities and more inscrutable, all with designs they

either as part of their upbringing or as a personal choice.

seek to make manifest upon the mortal world. Awesome

Yet while the populace of the Inner Sea is a predominantly


beings of unfathomable power, these divinities sow their

religious one, even priests zealously dedicated to a single


influence across the planes, whether in direct displays of

deity recognize that the other gods are fantastically


miraculous might or through the acts of their countless

powerful entities worthy of awe and respect.


servants. Every deity and demigod knows the power of

Although many people choose to worship a single