-this page by Voyd

Kasathas are four-armed denizens of a desert world, looking for a way home. Obviously, they’re best in desert environments, but as probably the most defensively powerful Bestiary 4 race, the frail-looking greys can serve surprisingly well as tanks for any party.

Racial Traits:

Ability Scores: Kasathas have +2 Dex and +2 Wis, making them well-suited for monks, rangers, gunslingers, and divine spellcasters. Without any penalties, though, there’s nothing stopping a kasatha from shining as other classes.

Defensive Training: This is the main reason most GMs will NOT allow a kasatha. Without any class features, feats or traits whatsoever, kasathas have a built in +2 DODGE BONUS TO THEIR ARMOR CLASS. I REALLY shouldn’t need to explain why this is just incredible.

Type: Kasathas, oddly enough, are humanoids. They have the kasatha subtype, but I doubt most rangers will have any reason to hate you.

Desert Runner: The usefulness of this ability depends on whether or not you’re playing in a desert. Basically, if you die in the desert, it won’t be from heat or exhaustion.

Desert Stride: It's as situational as Desert Runner, but even better overall. No penalties on difficult terrain in deserts? Yes please!

Jumper: This ability is like getting the monk’s high jump five levels early! If you like vaulting all over the place, then you’ll like the kasatha, even if you aren’t using a monk.

Four-Armed: The main draw of playing a kasatha. You have four hands! Now you can dual-wield all those two-handed weapons like you always wanted to! Well, hold on there, big guy; the kasatha still only has one primary hand. The other three are off-hands. Thus, this ability is still great, but not as fantastic as it seems to be at first.

Stalker: You get Perception, the most important skill in the game, in-class? Groovy! Stealth is just sweet gravy, so why isn’t this sky blue? That’s because you don’t get any actual bonuses from this ability, just the class skills. In-class Perception is still a huge boon for any character, though.


Alchemist: With a Dexterity bonus, the only real option for a kasatha alchemist is a bomber. However, the vestigial limb discovery does bring up the ridiculous idea of a SIX-armed kasatha. I guess if you wanted to play as Asura, this is how you’d do it.