Paths of Necromancy

Necromages must choose one of the three paths of necromancy. This chosen path grants the necromage additional spells and a number of special abilities. Members of these chosen paths are not necessarily bound together, but some organizations do exist that are comprised of necromages that all belong to one specific path.

Paths of Necromancy

Dark Necromancy

Grey Necromancy

White Necromancy

Ritual of Redemption

While some creatures seek undeath of their own free will, most have attained it without choice, and is often a consequence from being slain at the hands of such foul and decrepit creatures. As such, unwilling victims can seek redemption through a special ritual that transforms an undead into a living creature. The one chosen to perform this ritual must gain the creature’s consent, either directly or by contacting the spirit of the departed. During the process, the one performing the ritual (typically a cleric or necromage of a good aligned deity) becomes a conduit of the positive and divine energies that bring about the transformation. However, the transformation is fraught with danger for the creature. This special ritual costs 200 gp per Hit Dice (or level) of the undead creature and 8 hours to perform. Once the ritual is complete, the cleric becomes exhausted and the creature must make a Will save (DC 10 + the creatures Hit Dice) or be destroyed. If the save is successful, the creature is affected as if by a