Komodra are amongst the strangest creatures found in the warm swamps and grasslands of the world. From the top of their scaly heads to the tip of their powerful tails, these large monsters are all lizard. Komodra possess the upper body similar to that of a lizard man and the body of a large lizard. However, what makes them peculiar is their four arms which end in clawed hands, and their six hind legs, giving them the appearance of powerful creatures indeed. With these extra arms, komodra are able to use more than one weapon at a time 

Komodra are large beings, standing 8 feet to 9 feet tall, 12 feet in length, and weighing 1000 pounds. Their scaley hides are either black, dark gray or any dark green hue. Also, their eye color ranges from yellow, to red or brown. Komodra are not the most graceful, built more for power than agility, but they possess numerous skills and are considered jacks-of-all-trades among the races of Apsis. Regions: Like other reptilian creatures, komodra prefer wetland regions and can be found in The Kanasé Rain Forest, and The Okwasa Marshes. However, they have also been known to roam the Endless Sousé Grasslands and even drier lands such as The Moors of Neekati and The Great Wilderlands.

Komodra Racial Traits (Monstrous 30 RP)