Skinwalkers are humanoids that have been touched by the taint of a lycanthrope somewhere in their heritage, and in some cases this grants some really fun abilities. There is a "generic" skinwalker race and themed versions, just like there are for Aasimar and Tieflings, so this will be a relatively long article!

Racial Traits:

Ability Scores: The standard ability score modifiers for Skinwalkers are +2 Wisdom and -2 Intelligence, with a floating +2 to any physical ability score that is assigned every time they take on their "bestial form". This makes Inquisitor, Druid, and pretty much any martial class a good choice for them.

Type: Skinwalkers are humanoids with the skinwalker and shapechanger subtypes, and while there are a few spells that affect shapechangers only, for the most part you can treat them like any core race.

Size: Skinwalkers are the same size as humans.

Speed: Skinwalkers move at the same speed as humans.

Animal-minded: +2 to Handle Animal and on wild empathy checks isn't that exciting, unless you happen to be a Druid.

Change shape: Skinwalkers have the ability to take on a bestial form which grants them a floating bonus to any one physical ability score (Str, Dex, or Con) and also gives them a bestial featu