Avengen's Edge

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 13th

Slot none Price 11,508 gp; Weight 10lbs.


Anvengen’s Edge is a deadly glaive made of smoky red crystal as hard and resilient as steel. The glaive is an evil intelligent weapon, but not a particularly powerful one, and most PCs who claim it as their own shouldn’t have much of a problem keeping it in line.

The glaive itself is most comfortable in the hands of one who worships Asmodeus, and if it gains control of its wielder, it forces him or her to sing the praises of the Prince of Darkness, make offerings at his churches, and indulge similar urges that can have a dramatic impact on a non-evil wielder’s alignment.

This +1 keen glaive bears a fragment of the soul and mind of Westcrown’s first mayor after the fall of Aroden and the rise of the House of Thrune. The glaive itself has taken Anvengen’s name for its own, but can only communicate with its wielder via empathic urges. If its wielder worships Asmodeus, the glaive uses bleed on any of its wielder’s foes it notices is