Generosity Subdomain

Associated Domain: Nobility

Replacement Power: The following granted power replaces the inspiring word power of the Nobility domain.

Inestimable Armaments (Su): As a standard action, you can enhance armor or a weapon by touching it, giving it all the properties and appearance of one special material of your choice for 1 minute in addition to all other enhancements it may possess. A single weapon or armor can’t be granted the properties of multiple materials using this power. If the weapon or armor is already made of a special material, it is considered as if it were made of both materials for the duration of this ability. If the owner lets go of the weapon or removes the armor before the power expires, the enhancement ends. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier.

Replacement Domain Spells: 2nd–aid, 6th–heroes’ feast, 7th–mage’s magnificent mansion, 9th–heroic invocation.