Goddess of Nature and Beauty (Druid 20/Bloodrager 20) The Good Mother, The World Mother

Portfolio Nature, forests, beauty, gnomes

Typical Worshipers Druids, hunters, rangers, shamans, bloodragers

Typical Worshiper Alignment Neutral (though often with Good tendencies)

Domains Air, Animal, Earth, Gnome*, Plant, Water, Weather

Symbol Silver oak leaf with red berries

Favored Weapon Scimitar

Alternative Names Belem the Life Giver (umbrin), Fenaya Oakheart (elves), Lumisha Fey (halflings), Thoronfal Wildergrove (gnome), Undûl Irontree (dwarves)

A-llän (AY-lahn) is the deity of nature, and commands all the elements that comprise the natural realm. She often appears as a beautiful human or elven female with long braided brown hair, blue eyes, and wearing +5 greater shadow wild green dragonhide plate as well as a +5 cloak of resistance and the jungle. Though, she has been known to assume the form of an alluring gnome female in similar attire.