The Ontikinté (The People of the Deep)

The Ontikinte (än-ti-kin’-tay), are cave dwellers, living in large underground caverns which delve just under the surface of the Ontiki Furrows. They are a unique people, dwelling in caverns or dwellings carved out of the sides of the hills and mountains. Generally, 8-10 families will live within a single cave, with the next closest one 10 to 15 miles away. As a majority, the Ontikinte travel by foot, although there are those who have tamed cave bears as pack and riding animals. They are one of the few tribes who wield non-imported stone or metal weapons.

Real World Association: Southwestern American tribes (Pueblo, etc.)

Capital: Hearthguard

Regional Population: 3,750

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Éna or Kerr

Tribal Information