The Uwananoké (The People of the Wilds)

The Uwananoke (yoo-wän-nä-nō’-kay) roam a temperate tundra region called the Uwanané Wastes. It is similar to the badland or tundra zones just below large mountain ranges, and is sparse spotted with shrubbery, conifers  and short grasses for animals to feed on. The Uwananoke are one of the other more warlike nations in the lands of Assentia, which is due to the harsh region they live in. This has resulted in these people being strong-willed and on constant alert to preserve themselves. They primarily build large yurts, while some live in simple hide tents or wigwams to keep themselves warm and comfortable. Winters can be cold, though most are warm and short. They traverse their lands by foot or horse, or in the winter use sleds drawn by wild dogs or wolves trained to do so from birth.

Real World Association: The Mongol tribes (Genghis Kahn)


Regional Population: 9,125

Government: Tribal Chieftain

Religion: Elan Valdarin

Dragon Sponsors: Black, brass, crystal, red

Tribal Information